Bel312 Assignment 4-6


Executive summary

We, the representative of the employees of Maxis Berhad would like to propose for acafe which located inside Maxis¶s office at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).We would like to propose for a cafe as the management of Maxis is experiencingcertain problems. The first problem is the employees of Maxis are break too long. The nextproblem is the price of food is expensive in other restaurant at Suria KLCC. Besides that, theinteractions between employees are limited.The objectives of the project are to manage the worker to be more punctual, to givean incentive to the workers and customers and to provide a place for the employees tocommunicate with each other.The significance of the projects is to motivate employees, to give an extra profit to thecompany and to strengthen the bond between workers.The basic procedures taken to prepare this proposal are to select a team committee,call for a meeting, determine place, work out the budget for the project and open the tender to manage the cafe.The total budgeted cost for the project is RM 22,000 while the monthly expensesbasis is RM 3,000. It is include of the cost of construct the kitchen, painting cost, fixture andfitting while the monthly expenses is include of utility bills and astro bills.

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