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Mr GuinnessCoursework Help SheetsAQA Product Design CAT

2 What do you need to do... Choose from the six contexts given to you.
Work through the folder sheets in a logical order.What is the exam board looking for:A project that is rigorous and demanding.Shows creativity and originality.Has accuracy and a range of making skills.Has the potential to be commercially viable.Mr Guinness Candidate Number 007: AQA Product Design PROD2

3 Section A: Investigating the design context (8 marks)
Front CoverContext and Design IntentionsProduct AnalysisProduct DisassemblyUser Profile/ Retail potentialDesign Inspiration/Mood boardResearch SummaryDesign Criteria/SpecificationMr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

4 Section B: Development of Design Ideas (32marks)
Initial IdeasGroup ideas(class exercise)SCAMPERModellingComparisonMaterials and construction alternativesFurther research/developmentEnvironmental IssuesCommercial ViabilityFinal Proposal and Manufacturing SpecificationMr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

5 Section C: Making (32 Marks)
Plan of ManufacturePhoto diary of Practical workMr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

6 Section D: Testing and Evaluation (12 Marks)
Summary of ModificationsSpecification ChecklistPhoto PresentationMr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

7 Section E: Communication (6 Marks)
Is your design folder focused, concise, relevant?Are all decisions communicated in a clear way with appropriate use of technical language.Have you checked spelling, punctuation and grammar?Mr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

8 Top Ten Tips...Put in the time at home...don’t try and do it all within lessons.Presentation is really important; slide layout (even font size) needs to be regular throughout your presentation.Slide Order...all slides must be in the correct order, with the correct headings(See feedback sheet)Every slide needs a sentence of introduction (stating the purpose of the slide) and a summary stating what you have learned and how it will help you to develop your design.Specification points must be justified (explanation given as to why the point has been made)Every picture, photo and scan needs detailed description,(Explain, analyse, inform).Manufacturing Specification must include a cutting list of all the parts needed to make your product with details of size and materials to be used.Photo Diary...as well as annotating your photos, explain problems you have encountered and solutions you have found, prove to the moderator that you are a good problem solver.Ask for help, your Teacher if you get stuck, don’t wait until the lesson.Get someone (a parent or friend) to read your work and see if it is logical and makes sense.Mr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

9 S.C.A.M.P.E.R.SCAMPERis a checklist that helps you to think of changes you can make to an existing product to create a new one. You can use these changes either as direct suggestions or as starting points for lateral thinking.The changes SCAMPER stands for are:S – Substitute – components, materials, people.C – Combine – mix, combine with other assemblies or services, integrate.A – Adapt – alter, change function, use part of another element.M – Modify – increase or reduce in scale, change shape, modify attributes (e.g. colour).P – Put to another use.E – Eliminate – remove elements, simplify, reduce to core functionality.R – Reverse – turn inside out or upside down, or use Reversal.Mr Guinness Coursework Help Sheets : AQA Product Design CAT

Hi there,

So essentially i'm just looking for some guidance on what kinds of things I need to be doing to ensure I get a good grade on my coursework. Due to the nature of the assessment we have been given little to no guidance on what we should be doing...which has left me practically guessing. I have had a look at some exemplar work, although most are not relevant to my current project.

Any tips from people who have previously done, or are currently doing, this coursework would be much appreciated. In case it helps, the task is "task lighting inspired by a 20th century design movement", so I have made a minimalist task light intended for use by a student or in an office.

I have made a CAD model of my final design idea on Google Sketch-up, I have also drawn some initial design ideas (6 total) with my preferred one being developed further, these were annotated. I have done some research of existing products, using ACCESSFM, research into suitable materials (wood and metal), as well as standard joining methods (wing nuts, tongue and groove, etc). My diary of making (AO3) consists of a small introductory paragraph for each step followed by a picture of each stage with a small description of what it shows, I have tried to put in where I used quality control measures (sanding, marking out, jigs, clamps, etc). I have done this for each part of the lamp: base, arms, head, fixings, assembly.

I have not yet done any evaluation, as the lamp is still not fully finished (wiring to be done still), so tips on this part especially would be greatly helpful.

So in summary, I'm just asking whether I've been on the right tracks, what sort of things I need to add in and any other advice that you think would help.


(sorry for long post :P)

I am currently doing this course. I did a storage product and did it Biology themed. Don't ask.

It honestly sounds like you've got it down 100%. But without seeing the details, I can't be dead certain. I'm doing my evaluation now, but my teacher gave us tips on what to write. I'll put them down here.

Feedback from other people
Ask a minimum of 3 people, including the client. For their thoughts on your project, write the thoughts down/summerise it.
After the feedback, how do you feel about your project now? Possibly in the evaluation.
Try and include a photo of a person looking at your product to prove it was real feedback.

Evaluation – Half a Page, written prose?
Has the Project been successful?
Have you hit the main criteria?
Write some new criteria? - 4 or 5 In the design ideas stage
How well, to what extent, have you met the criteria?
How do you know that the project is successful?
How have you performed in the project? Independently
What do you wish you could have done differently?
What kind of support did you get from Mr R and Mr T? (Your teachers)
How did that help you learn more and become more independent?
Looking at the project objectively, do you think it is a worthwhile product? Something that could be a marketable product? Where do you think it could be sold? What kind of people/users would be the typical users now you’ve made it? Where the manufacturing methods you used in the end appropriate? Did they give you the finish that you needed? Maybe too full on? Would you maybe in the future use CAD/CAM effectively?

Hopefully, that helps. My whole Powerpoint is due in on Monday so I'm finishing it off this weekend. Feel free to PM me if you want me to read through it, one student to another.


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