Ghd Hair Straighteners Using Abroad Assignment

  • I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've got a relatively old pair of GHD hair straighteners, which i'm taking with me when i go on holiday to Florida tomorrow. I went last year and found that whilst the hair straighteners did work, they would not heat up to the proper degree necessary to work well. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their straightening irons in America and it is (as i thought) simply that America's plug sockets use a lower voltage than English ones do.

    Any help or suggestions for good portable straighteners for extremely curly hair would be much appreciated. I'm not too worried as i realise the humidity of Florida will make it curly anyway, i just like to use my straighteners occasionally.

    Many thanks x

  • yeh, they don't work very well. i took mine to america a couple of years ago because i had to go to a wedding (and therefore needed straight hair), but it took me about two hours to straighten it all properly (although i did have very long hair at the time, and there is quite a lot of it). do you really need to straighten it? the humidity will make it curl, so you'll need to do lots of straightening to keep it under control, which means you will damage it. maybe just get some smoothing shampoo (pantene pro-v stuff actually does work - i've got really fine curly hair and it works on me!) and perhaps some curl controlling stuff. it's actually really refreshing not having to iron your hair!

  • look in the argos catalouge.... they'll be a good one in there

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