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We live in the age of modern science. Digital technology is the most blessed invention of modern science. We can’t even think of a single day without technology because we always use various technologies to accomplish specific tasks in our daily life. Technology is connected to almost every part of our lives as well as in business. Life without Technology is like a ship without a rudder because technology has made our goal easily achievable and without it we have to face a lot of obstacles. As the world keeps on developing, technology will be changed, what is working today might not be efficient tomorrow. So it is better to stay up-to-date with modern technology and learn how to embrace and use them in your day to day life because without it we are helpless.

To begin with, technology in the field of communication has the most important consideration in my day to day life. From early morning till I go to sleep I badly need my phone in order to communicate and without it I feel myself like a fish without water. Besides I manage a lot of stuffs by my smart phone when I am out and have no computers with me. It has a lot more important things that helps me manage my tasks daily. And that is why I always try to keep myself updated with all other types of digital technology in the field of communication.

Digital Technology has also made my life full of Entertainment. It has invented lot of things to get entertain from,when we have nothing to do. In past people used to be bored but now Digital technology have given them a lot opportunities to pass their time. I pass my free time playing games in my playstation, or listing music, or watching movies on my laptop which technology had made possible for us.

Shopping has really become our part of life. Technology has also made the buying and selling of good so flexible. With the introduction of e-payment systems like and Square Wallet App , I purchase thing online without living the comfort of my home. Their are also websites from where I buy my stuffs through debt or credits cards. I always buy my daily necessaries through amazon or ebay and this has only become possible for the advanced digital technology.

Now electronic banking as well as online banking has also made banking system so simple. I manage all my banking stuffs through online. I transfer my money online.I can also deposit checks through my mobile. Digital technology is the one that had make it possible. Comparing to past my father had a hard time to manage all those stuffs which digital technology had made so easy.

Online profile: Online profile is a great part of digital technology. It has made our life visible to the world as well as the world to us unless making it private. I use Facebook,google+,twitter and Instagram as my online profile. I am a foreign student and as I have a huge family back in my native country online profile helps me remain connected with them.I have also a lot of friends living abroad that is also why I use online social sites. Another important reason why I use them is, I am always interested getting information about nature,peoples life style,things that are unknown to me,getting updates of famous personalities and that has become more easy and flexible by subscribing to social medias.

The main fact is without having digital technology we simply cann’t even imagine of the stage where we are now. Without Digital Technology our life will turn to a stand still. All the things that had blessed our life is mainly the technology. All those aspects that I use in my daily life are a ways above comparing with the peoples life style before hundred years ago. Digital technology has made our life more logical , technically, even more punctually then before. It has also made our life secured.

From my personal experience,one year ago I was totally frustrated of using my laptop and my phone,which are important parts of digital technology because it was literally a time wasting machine to me.But after couple to months I realized with out them I am totally lacking behind from the flow of the modern technical world. My classmates were getting more knowledgable,smart and fast in their task,while I was being the last. Afterwards I realized,the main fact is nothing but excessive use of it. I observed them using those technologies in a decent way, not excessive like me.Afterwards I aimed to use my laptop and phone just to do things that are productive. From researches point of view I found “How we use technology determines if it’s good or bad, helpful or harmful. Technology , itself, is neutral. But it is us who make it good or bad,basing on how we use it.”

In conclusion:

The evidence is clear that the use of digital technology is unmeasurable, technology has played a vital role in other sectors like health care , Job Creation and Data management . And this technology will keep on changing basing on the demands of people and the market. So its our foremost duty to keep your self up-to-date with the trending technology, otherwise for sure we will lack ourself behind to cope with the ongoing modern world.On the contrary,though there are some disadvantages of digital technology, in front of all this advantages those are nothing. That is why I strongly suggest everyone to use technology in the most productive way rather wasting time with it in order to cope with the modern word and facilitate themselves in many aspects.

Ref art:

10 Uses of Technology in Our Daily Life

The role of Technology in Today’s World and in the Future


Technology is an essential part of our lives today and few can imagine living without. We achieved a lot with the help of technology, for example we have the possibility to travel, keep in touch with friends on the other side of the earth and cure many illnesses. It means more freedom and choices for people but at the same time we have to consider the social imbalance, weapons of mass destruction and natural resource depletion. Jane Godall asks for a reason: “We are the most intelligent species walking on earth, how it comes we destroy on what we depend?” What has achieved so far is irrevocable, but we can still determine where it goes in the future.

One of the most important things everybody has to deal with is to overcome the short-termism, which prevails in governments, companies and individuals. Additionally we know, that decisions one individual takes are not necessarily good for the society as a whole. This doesn’t make it easier.

I think it is important to bear in mind the mutual goal: to keep the planet with mankind and all its beautiful animals and plants alive. This implies to make technology as positive as possible for humanity and the environment in the long run. The technology we create now creates the future and it should be for the people and make things easier and not more complicated. So what kind of society will we be?

Technology shapes the future and it can help to make it compatible with nature. It can help us to develop clean energy, transport possibilities with less emissions and low-energy houses to save resources. Technology is not only about technology itself or more efficiency and discovering new methods and processes; we have to add the component of art which is about to make wise choices for the future of technology. We should not develop technology because of itself, but to develop it, because it adds value to society and simplifies human life. For this, it needs to be discussed with experts from many fields and we have to relate the technology to the organization and the culture in which it should operate. And remember: There are no side effects – they are part of the technology.

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