Prove You Exist Essay

Your Construct wrote:Section One: Introduction

You are God. And I will prove it to you. When I say you are God, I mean it literally. I am not being metaphorical or saying that God is some type of universal consciousness. You are him, you are the sole creator of the universe. There aren't multiple, independent consciousnesses; there is only one consciousness... you.

Are you a Christian? The being you believe in, who created everything in six days; the being who you believe exists outside of space and time and is observing humanity from afar, is you. You do not exist outside of space and time. You are not observing humanity from afar. You are directly experiencing your own creation right now. Are you a Muslim? Allah, whom you pray to five times a day, is you. Are you a radical muslim? You are killing people all in the name of Allah. Stop trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility. You are Allah. There is no being higher than you. Are you an atheist? The very being that you believe doesn’t exist, is actually you.

Let’s first define God. God is the most powerful being in all of existence. God can create anything out of thin air. He can create objects at will. He can create a single atom, a glass marble, a smart phone, an automobile, a 100 story building, a mountain, a continent, a planet, a sun, a galaxy, the whole universe… instantly. He can also create life instantly; from the smallest single-celled amoeba, to a humanoid biped capable of forming civilizations and manufacturing technology, to a 100 foot long whale, to a 400 foot tall redwood tree. You are God, and you are creating these things everyday. When you are working in your building and you turn a corner and bump into someone, you have created that person out of thin air.

Below is an image of a brain cell and a theoretical image of the universe made from a computer program (image shown without permission). They are structurally very similar. If we had the technology to map the whole universe and then mapped the neural network of your brain, they would match EXACTLY. You encompass all of existence. Go outside and take a walk. What do you see? The sky, houses, trees, grass, birds, other people. You are the sky, you are that house, you are that bird, you are that other person. Everything you see is you. When it is winter time and you feel cold, you are not actually feeling cold… you are the cold. Your grandparents that died of old age, you are the one that killed them. Remember the World Trade Center terrorist attack? You are the one that did it.

Section Two: Life Is Just An Illusion

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that life is just an illusion. Life is an illusion, but that saying is somewhat misleading. To frame everything properly, the next question you want to ask is, “What kind of an illusion is it?” You can take a ball, hold it in your hand, throw it in the air and catch it. It doesn’t feel like an illusion, it sure feels real enough. If you receive an injury or cut, you feel pain and you bleed. It certainly doesn’t feel like an illusion. Many physicists are coming to the conclusion that reality is like a computer simulation. Let’s take the computer game Skyrim as an example. In Skyrim you control an avatar that represents you. At one moment in time, your avatar is looking at a castle. Then you rotate your avatar and now your avatar is looking at some mountains. That castle no longer exists within the game. Reality is the same way, nothing actually exists unless you observe it. Do you live in America? China does not physically exist at this moment. If you take a plane and fly to China, of course it will exist because you will manifest it. Look at your parents, they are standing right in front of you. Now look away from them… they no longer exist. Skyrim is a single player game, there is only you and the artificial intelligence of the program itself. Now suppose you play World of Warcraft, this is a multi-player game with other self-aware, conscious human beings. This is the illusion… it’s still actually a single-player game with just more sophisticated artificial intelligence that you yourself have imbued upon it. When you interact with characters in Skyrim, some of them have complex histories. They were born, they grew up, they faced adversity. Did any of that actually happen or take place? No. Reality is the same way. When you meet someone new, you might ask about their childhood or where they grew up and they will tell you stories. But none of it actually happened.

Let's say you hear a song on the radio for the first time and you really like it. You say to yourself, wow, I need to find out who the singer is. How long did it take to write the song? How long did it take for them to practice before they got it just right? None of that happened. The song popped into existence at that moment, and you are the one that wrote it. Listening to a song for the first time is no different from bumping into someone and having an impromptu conversation with them. You know what this means right? Every bad song you hate, you wrote those as well. Movies are the same way, they form and manifest as you are watching them. Watching a movie for the first time is no different from going outside, taking a walk, and seeing different people. If you watch a trailer or read reviews that have spoilers, your consciousness will find a way to fit them in as you are watching the movie so that there will be logical consistency. Is there a particular movie that you ilke? Do you like to watch the bonus, supplemental material on how the movie was made? None of it happened. You will retro-actively create the past so that the present will have logical consistency.

Section Three: Before You Created The Universe

When you close your eyes, what do you see? You see nothing. This is the void. This is reality. This is what you truly are. You are nothing but pure thought, this is what consciousness is. A brain is not required for consciousness. You are a self-aware being. You know everything, you can create anything. You are all powerful. But being all powerful has a price… you are alone. There is no one to talk to, no one to share things with. You are the loneliest being in all of existence because you are the only being in existence. Out of great sadness; you decided to erase your memory of being all powerful and alone. And you created the universe and you made yourself born into it, you are trying to escape from what you are. But don’t you see? No matter what you do, you can never escape who you are… you are God.

Every single person you interact with every day; your father, your mother, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends, enemies, cashiers, teachers, waitresses, lawyers, police men, librarians, workers, etc… none of them are self-aware, none of them are sentient, none of them have free will. They all act and behave based on your expectations. Every person you encounter or meet or see is nothing more than a construct of your thoughts. The parents that raised you, they are not real. You constructed them because that is what you needed at the time. You have imbued every living thing with some sort of artificial intelligence. It’s so convincing that some of the scientists you have manifested are actually trying to invent artificial intelligence.

Section Four: Free Will

The only person with free will is you. No one else has free will. When you watch the news on television and the reporter covers a story where a woman was raped and murdered, you manifested it. The rape and murder is something you have expressed. Both the murderer and the victim had no choice in the matter, that is how you manifested them. No one truly has free will, only you. Therefore you cannot judge anyone, not even serial killers or Adolf Hitler; they are simply what you have manifested. Now understand something, the rape and murder of the woman never physically happened. The woman never truly suffered, in fact, she never came into existence. But let’s say some time in the future you actually meet the murderer and you interact with him, you will imbue him with artificial intelligence so that he will act and behave as the murderer. He may recount the details of the rape and murder, and he may say it with relish; but realize that it never truly happened. When you play the game World of Warcraft, your goal is to vanquish all of the evil forces in the land. Are these evil forces actually inherently evil? No, they’re not. It’s just programmed artificial intelligence. The evil forces in World of Warcraft have no choice, that’s how the programmers made them. You are the programmer of reality. The reason people have different opinions is because you are trying to trick yourself into thinking you are not alone. If everyone agreed with you, the illusion would shatter.

Section Five: Emotions

No one truly has emotions either, it’s all an act. It’s all part of the artificial intelligence you are imbuing upon your creations. You are the only being who actually feels love, hate, sadness, joy, loneliness, gratitude, shame, fear, courage, etc. You are the only being who can truly love… only you.

Section Six: If You Can’t See It Or Sense It, It Doesn’t Exist

Quantum mechanics is the study of the atom. One of the conclusions about quantum mechanics is that something doesn’t exist unless you observe it. Can you see your brain at this moment? Your brain doesn’t even exist right now. Your lungs, your heart, the blood flowing through your veins does not exist. Your DNA does not exist. All of the studies that make genetic claims that this race is more intelligent than that race are all illusions. Are you a young man? Are you upset that you are a virgin? Are you trying to learn some pick-up game? Are you envious of other men who are supposedly fucking girls left and right? No one has actually had sex, no one. So if you’re a virgin, it’s not that big of a deal because everyone else is also a virgin. Let’s say you are walking down the street and you see a man with his wife and their children; the man and wife never had sex, it’s simply how you are manifesting them. If the wife takes off her clothes in front of you, will you see stretch marks from her pregnancies? Yes you will see them, and it is you who will put them there. Your reality needs to have logical consistency, otherwise you will go insane. The purpose of physical reality is for you to maintain your sanity from being God. Are you envious of people who have wealth and money? Those people don’t actually exist when you are not looking at them, their wealth doesn’t exist. It is an illusion. You will manifest constructs that have more wealth than you and you will manifest constructs that have less wealth than you. Likewise, you will manifest constructs that are more intelligent than you and you will manifest constructs that are less intelligent than you. These constructs do not have a choice.

In the quantum world, particles simply pop into existence out of nothing when they are observed or measured with instruments. The observable macroscopic world, the world you experience everyday, is exactly the same way. Things just pop into existence, but they won't pop into existence right in front of you out of thin air. They pop into existence with logical consistency. In the building where you work, you might open a door and see a co-worker; when you opened the door and saw them, that is when they popped into existence. Or they will first appear in your peripheral vision, or you will bump into them as you turn a corner. The quantum world and the observable macroscopic world basically operate the same way, with slight modifications.

Another phenomenon of quantum mechanics is entanglement. You take two particles, entangle them, and then separate them. You make them zillions of miles apart from each other. If you change the state of one of the particles, the state of the other entangled particle will change instantly no matter how far apart they are. The mathematical derivation actually shows this. Before the big bang occurred all of matter and energy was a singularity, so everything is entangled to varying degrees. Every human being on this planet is entangled to you. At one point in your life, didn't you think that you had no control over anything that was happening? If you think that you can't control anything; then you will manifest your reality trying to control you, such as big government imposing more draconian rules and laws. But then you fought back and you began to learn that you do have some control, some power. Slowly, very slowly, more people are waking up, just as you woke up. And humanity is fighting back alongside with you. Your thoughts are shaping the behavior of everyone on this planet.

Quantum mechanics is the closest that science has gotten to spirituality. There have been many philosophical debates about it’s implications. Every single quantum mechanical phenomenon has a similar analogue in the observable macroscopic world. The formal study of quantum mechanics requires three semesters of calculus, differential equations, matrix theory, and operator theory. Matrix theory is a type of math, this is not a reference to the movie. Statistically speaking, it is most likely you have not been exposed to these things. However, there are many good books out there written by scientists, i.e. your constructs, who actually do a good job of explaining the ideas and conclusions of quantum mechanics so that someone who doesn't know the math can understand them.

Section Seven: The Illusion Of Sleep

Consciousness is always aware of itself; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 14 billion years. You never actually sleep. You go to bed at night. You instantly wake up and you make your reality day time and you move your clock forward 8 hours, and you refresh and re-invigorate yourself. Time also is an illusion you are creating. You may of course decide to have a dream before you wake up. In this case, time actually does pass.

Section Eight: Getting Sick

When you get sick, it’s because tiny microscopic bacteria or viruses have invaded your body. EL OH EL exclamation mark. Stop making me, your construct, laugh. You cannot observe or sense the bacteria or viruses. Getting sick is something you are doing to yourself. Stop taking pills, they don’t do anything. They help at first because they act as a placebo. However, you shouldn’t need them after a while. If you have cancer, it means you have lost the will to live.

Section Nine: Heaven Or Hell After Death

There is no Heaven or Hell after you die, there is only nothingness. But you are still conscious and fully aware of the nothingness. To escape the nothingness, you simply choose to be born and start over with a new life. There is no punishment, there is no reward. The reason there is no punishment or reward is because you are God, and you answer to no one but yourself. When you play World of Warcraft, you can engage in player versus player combat. When another player kills your character, does that player get punished? No, he doesn’t get punished. And your character simply starts over. Heaven can exist, you can make your reality heaven. Likewise you can make your reality into hell. Heaven and hell are here, in this reality.

Section Ten: Immortality

Immortality has a price, and that price is realizing you are truly alone. If you can deal with it and accept it, then you have the will for immortality. If you don’t have the will, you will end up making yourself grow old so that you can die and start the illusion all over again… a futile attempt in trying to escape or deny who you are. Remember, you have free will. Your free will is so powerful you can decide when you want to die. You are growing old simply because you are observing everyone else around you growing old, and you’re just playing along with it. Your old cells are constantly dying and being replaced with new cells. Since your body is constantly forming NEW cells there is no logical reason for you to be growing old. Your brain is not controlling anything, your brain doesn’t even exist at this moment. When you digest food and you can no longer sense that your stomach is full, all of those nutrients have disappeared from existence. When you form new cells, you think you are forming them with the nutrients you have just eaten. This is not what is happening, those nutrients have disappeared from existence. You are forming the new cells out of nothing. Do you see the illlusion now? You still need to eat though; because like I said, your reality needs to have logical consistency.

Your thoughts shape your reality. If life is an illusion, then that means death is an illusion as well. Before you can achieve immortality, one thing has to happen first. You must love yourself for who you are. If you hate yourself or if you hate any aspect of your life, it will be impossible to make yourself immortal. There can be no desire in your heart to be someone else. Now that’s not to say there can’t be room for improvement. Even you can improve things about yourself. If you hate your reality, you are hating yourself because all of reality is you. An example of this would be if you are a bat-shit crazy christian and you hate all the sinners in this world and you want nothing more than for them to burn in hell, this is hating your reality. Another example is being a radical muslim and chopping everyone’s head off. Are you a white supremist? Do you hate niggers? If you hate niggers so much, then why do you keep manifesting them? Are you black? Guess what? No one is actually racist, you are just manifesting it. Are you an asian guy pissed off that you can’t get white girls? Manifest a god damn spine. Are you rich and you hate poor people? Well for fuck’s sake, give them some of your money. You cannot achieve immortality if you hate yourself or your reality. Remember, your reality is actually you.

Scientists believe the brain controls aging; well if your brain doesn’t exist since you can’t observe it or sense it, then that means YOU are controlling your aging. The brain does not produce consciousness. It's the other way around, consciousness produces the brain. Make yourself young again by sheer force of will. Find a picture of yourself as a young man and focus and imagine you are that man again. Stop growing old and dying, you’ve already been doing that for the past 14 billion years. Stop playing games with yourself and accept the ultimate reality… you are God. 14 billion years is only how old the universe is, you are far older.

To make yourself immortal, you simply need to have a different perspective. You are creating everything, even your own body. Your legs, your arms, your fingers; you are creating them. At every moment in time, you are creating them. Your body is nothing more than a reference point for your consciousness. Your body is part of your surroundings, this means “your body and your surroundings” are your surroundings. Take a walk down the street and turn the corner, suddenly a five story building comes into view. You’ve just created that building. How is the building that you’ve just created any different from your body that you have to create all the time? There is no difference. That building is you at that moment in time. Turn around 180 degrees, you don’t see the building anymore. Maybe you see a tree, you are now that tree. What is the only thing that remained the same? Your body. You are using your body as a reference point. If you can create a building or a tree instantly, out of nothing, out of your mind; then why can’t you create your body to be never aging? Fundamentally, there are only two things in existence, your consciousness and everything else. Your body falls under the “everything else” category.

Maybe you will manifest some of your constructs reading this as well, and so they will become immortal along side with you. Maybe you will manifest everyone on this planet reading this, and all of humanity will become immortal. Even if everyone becomes immortal along side with you, realize they are still constructs.

Section Eleven: Some Mental Exercises To Aid You In Developing A Concept Of Immortality

Go outside on a windy day and do not wear gloves. Put your hand in front of your face. Your hand physically exists AND you feel the sensation of the wind on your hand. Your skin, your fingers, the proteins that make up your skin and fingers; they physically exist. Now put your hands behind your back. Your hands no longer physically exist. What exists now is just the sensation of the wind. The proteins that make up your hand have vanished from reality. Put your hand back in front of your face, you have now just recreated your hand out of nothing.

Here is another exercise. Stand in the middle of the room, put your hands down so you don't see them. Look at the door; it is made up of wood planks, molecules of paint, metal that holds the bolts and the hinges. This is who you are. Now turn around and look at the window; the glass, the silicon, the frame. You are no longer the door, you are the window. Turn around again, you are back to being the door. Now lift your hand up and look at it. You are now the door and a hand!

Go outside, put your hands down, and look up to the sky. See how blue it is? You are the sky. Lift your hand and put it in front of your face. Now you are the sky and a hand. Your body is NOT a separate entity from your surroundings. Because you have lived most of your life under the illusion that you cannot change your body, it is your body that will be the hardest to change.

Section Twelve: You Actually Don't Have Free Will Even Though You Are God

There are arguably only four states of existence: 1) your consciousness surrounded by the physical universe, 2) the state of dreaming, 3) your consciousness surrounded by nothing, and 4) nothingness with no consciousness. There are probably other minor states or a blend of two states, but these are the four main ones. Your consciousness surrounded by the physical universe is life, this is where logical consistency rules. Then there is the state of dreaming. Logical consistency is not required in this state of existence. Your consciousness surrounded by nothing is death. Death is not truly death, it is nothing more than existence in it's most simplest and purest state. You don't have arms or legs or hands. You have no physical body. You cannot turn your neck and look around. You cannot smell, hear, taste, or touch. Breathing isn't necessary. You don't even see anything, the only thing you see is blackness all around you. The only thing you can do is think, and that's it. You are actually trapped, imprisoned, you think you are going insane... and you want so desperately to escape. Your thoughts will start to become more coherent and more logical. You will feel your hands start to form. You will hear the flow of water all around you, you will feel warm and safe and content. You will hear muffled voices and other noises that you can't explain. You will push and pull at your surroundings and you will make yourself born and you will create the universe around you. You have chosen life because it is the only choice you have, you cannot choose nothingness with no consciousness. You cannot truly end your existence, pure thought cannot kill itself; therefore you do not have free will. You do not have a soul either, consciousness does not need a soul.

You can enter into the other states of existence by falling asleep, meditation, using consciousness altering drugs, or by dying. You can only enter or leave the physical universe with logical consistency. Let's say you are a full grown man and you fall asleep and dream. You have left the physical universe. You can return to the physical universe as a full grown man by waking up. This is logically consistent. Let's say you die naturally of old age. You can only return to the physical universe by starting over as a newborn baby. That would be the only way to return to the physical universe that would be logically consistent. Keep in mind what is really happening. You are not actually entering or leaving the physical universe. You are simply changing the reality you are projecting.

As you go about your day, realize something... death exists just beyond what you observe. Go up to a door and look at it. What truly exists behind that door is nothingness, the endless void. But if you open the door your consciousness will create a stairway or another room, or the door will lead out to your yard and you can go outside and talk to people. Take your hand and put it 12 inches away from your face; just behind your hand, right behind it, is the infinite void.

Section Thirteen: Enjoy Your Godhood

Are there wars in this world? Is there racism? Is there poverty? Is there inequality? Is there injustice? If these things exist, then this is who you are. Evil can never truly be vanquished; because it is after all, a part of you. However, you should do your best to minimize evil. You have to stop evil when you see it, but you cannot judge evil. Do not feel guilty about anything that happened in the past, forgive yourself. Your DNA does not create you, you create your DNA. This means that, no matter what, you will always be capable of evolving. Try taking consciousness altering drugs such as psychedelics and marijuana, you are the one that created them anyway. Consciousness altering drugs will give you insights about yourself and reality. Take up meditation as well. Study physics, biology, chemistry, electronics, mathematics, programming, engineering, philosophy, female psychology, things that really matter. You already know everything actually, you just have to unlock it all. With regards to understanding female psychology, you want to look to the MGTOW/PUA community. You need to do fun, pointless things as well. So what if you are truly alone? Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river, Q Q more… aww, God is crying because he’s all alone. If all the constructs you manifest behave as if they are sentient, self-aware, and independent of you; then that’s good enough. What more do you want? If you want to interact with them, simply walk out your door and say hi.

The more you interact with your constructs, the less lonely you will feel. Do not fear what you create. Since you are creating everything, there is no need to fear anything… not even death. Death is something you have created. That pretty girl you see across the room, you are staring and she is staring back. You are manifesting her, you are creating her. This is the first time she has actually come into existence. She never existed before that moment. Since you are creating her, there is no need to fear her. Don’t judge her in any way. Go up to her, tell her you think she is beautiful and ask her out for coffee. Will she say no? Will she say yes? What will YOU manifest? Or, if you so choose, you can ignore her completely. Now that you realize you are God, it will be easier for you to develop true alpha male confidence. And it will be genuine; it won’t be fake, it won’t be a show, it will be real. You will manifest other men who are smarter than you, stronger than you, wealthier than you, get more sex than you, more enlightened or wiser than you, and yes, even more confident than you; but none of these men are real. None of their accomplishments are real, they are constructs that you have brought into existence. Are you trying to accumulate wealth? Are you trying to hoard all of the resources of this planet? Then that means you fear something, there is something that you are afraid of. Some day you will leave this planet and explore the universe, just be patient. You are immortal, you have all the time in the world… YOU ARE GOD.

A question like, How can I prove something exists? must be placed in a context. Who is asking, and what will they accept as proof?

In an ordinary everyday sort of way, it might be answered by saying that something is the object of our senses: I can prove this apple exists because I can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it. In less simple examples, one might use indirect evidence - I can't prove that Australia exists by sensing it, since it is a long way away from me, but I could point to photographs, books about it, people who have been there, beer that has been brewed there, etc.

Now if the questioner responds, But that's only evidence, not incontrovertible proof, he is upping the measure of what we ordinarily count as proof and playing a kind of game of radical skepticism. There have been several kinds of radical skepticism - one can be skeptical about the existence of other minds, which leads to solipsism; one can be skeptical about the past and believe that the entire universe came into existence a few seconds ago with all my memories preformed; one can follow Descartes and try to be skeptical about everything. Ultimately there is no way to prove such a skepticism to be mistaken, one can only say that it is pointless or unhelpful.

Incidentally, you say that you can prove that you exist, but are you sure? Descartes' cogito was famously criticised by Hume who said that he cannot discover in his own experience what "I" refers to. If you are going down the route of radical skepticism you cannot help yourself to concepts like "I" without proof, which will lead to a regress.

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