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Death is a inseparable part of life. If we are to live life honestly and without fear, we have to also accept that death is ultimately inevitable. Death should not cause us to live in fear, but rather to live our lives in the very best way that we can. It is important to not "bury our head in the sand" and instead, to make responsible preparations including financial and legal arrangements, as well as talking about our wishes with our family and friends. By understanding the rites and rituals that accompany a death in our culture, religion or spiritual group, we can better prepare for the dying and grieving process.

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Photographs of Death or Dying; Are They Necessary
It has been said that, it would be a good thing if newspapers published more photographs of death and dying. There are many reasons why people say that photographs of dead and or dying people should or should not be published by newspapers. For example, some people say that pictures of people dying should be published in newspapers because death is a huge part of life. While members of the opposition state that death should remain private, and it should not be published, especially in a newspaper. The argument for or against publishing pictures of death will be disputed forever, however, I believe that photographs of death are appropriate, and I will argue why I believe in the publishing…show more content…

Those members believe that death is private, and that it should remain that way. There is no reason for people’s private death to be published for thousands, perhaps millions to see. Most members of the opposition would call these photographs, cheap sensationalism. An anonymous customer of the Washington Post states, “I thought I was reading the National Inquirer. Assigning the agony of a human being in terror of imminent death to the status of a side show act” (Ephron 111). This reader is clearly unsatisfied and quite offended by the pictures of death that the newspaper has published on the front page of the paper. Death is clearly something private that everyone goes through, and death should stay lonely and not be published.
The opposition’s argument is apparent and somewhat valid, however, the situation should be looked at from another perspective. For example, it is quite possible that if more photographs of death or dying were published, people would think twice before doing certain activities. An example of this would be car accidents. If pictures of car accidents were published in newspapers people might have second thoughts about being hot shots when driving their cars. Ephron exclaims,” I recognize that printing pictures of corpses raises all sorts of problems about taste and titillation and sensationalism; the fact is, however, that people die” (Ephron 113). If death is a part of life, and

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