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We have created (and will continue to create) therapy activities and ideas that are original, fun, and engaging for you and your kids.

Many ideas come with free downloads, the occasional video, and all of them include multiple ways to improve speech and language skills. 

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Take the Confusion out of Teaching Multiple Meaning Words

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Articulation Therapy + Pirate Adventures = Awesomeness!

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Spring Themed Speech Therapy Activities

When spring fever is in the air these are some activities you can do with your kids that are sure to please.

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Greetingville & Conversation City

Grab your Social Passport & travel with us with this "in school field trip" activity.

In pairs, we travel to locations around the school (common staff members such as the secretary or media specialist that have been prearranged).

Put a Smile On

Makes keeping data more fun and entertaining so there is no need for an activity/game.

Action Bag

The action bag therapy idea is a way for students to be more active through creative and absurd actions.

Meet the Words

To learn new words and new information through interesting conversation while targeting articulation errors, language concepts, or fluent speech strategies, etc.

Olympic Themed Speech Therapy Activities

The Olympics provide wonderful opportunities for enriching our therapy activities! I hope these will get your mind moving, because honestly this is just the tip of the ice rink.

Activities for Traveling

Usually you don't hear "fun", "kids", and "car trip" in the same sentence. These ideas will make any vacation or trip an epic fun (and learning) experience.

The Game of Boo!

A portable game, that is easy to individualize, prepare, and store. It's very motivating, as the game can change at any moment!

6 Free Online Speech Therapy Resources For Kids

by Courtenay M.

As parents, you know there are many ways to enrich your child’s speech and language skills, including games, books, and language modeling activities. Online speech therapy resources offer your child a way to refine and practice their speech and language skills at home. Sometimes your child needs a little extra speech therapy, whether it is to refine certain skills they are learning on at school, reinforce what they are working on with their SLP, or just an extra resource to help build speech sounds. When looking to enhance your child’s speech therapy using online resources, we have located a few favorites that won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

Looking to Put Your New Tablet to Use?

An important part of using online speech therapy tools is to interact with your child while he or she is online. The best online speech therapy sites are not intended to engage your child passively, (think staring at a video game on tv), rather they are to be used as a tool to engage your child and get his brain making connections. Making learning fun is also a crucial component to get your child engaged. Playing online speech therapy games should not feel like homework for your child, rather, a fun activity that you can do together. Here are a few of our favorites, what are some of yours?

6 Favorite Online Speech Therapy Websites: is a website that has a number of online stories and interactive activities for preschoolers and elementary-aged students. Each theme includes an online story, online activity, printable “take home” activities and suggestions for parents. A book list that corresponds with each theme is also offered. Between the Lions: This website corresponds to PBSkids television show of the same name. It offers many language and literacy activities for preschool and elementary-aged children. It includes stories to view and listen to, many vocabulary activities, video clips from the show and information for parents and teachers.; This website offers a number of free online games for kids. Games touch upon a variety of topics, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, math and some that are just for fun! Check out Plural Girls, Grammar Gorillas or click on the reading tab for some great language activities.’s Family Playground is a great website for preschool and school-age children and their parents. This website includes a variety of games and activities for children related to popular characters and children’s books such as Clifford, Magic School Bus, Walter Wick, and I Spy.

Articulation Games (by Tracy Gefroh Boyd): This is a great site where children plan a variety of games to practice r’s, s’s, l’s, sh’s and ch’s.

The Tongue Twister Database:  A fun collection of tongue twisters to practice speech sounds and giggle at the same time!

Tell us some of your favorites! We’d love to build our collection!


Update: The Speech Buddies Team just added some boards to the FREE Bitsboard app! It’s easy to download and play speech games today on your iPad or iPhone! Bitsboard is a revolutionary app that allows anyone (educators, education companies like Speech Buddies, and even parents) to customize fun, visually pleasing, and versatile games around a given theme.

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